Schemes for bracelets kumihimo

Kumihimo it is a japanese technique of braiding with the that can be done lace-up of different designs. Can be performed with a small disc of foam that helps us to cross the wires in an orderly fashion.

Has many variations and the end result depends on both the number of threads that are usedas of the way in which they cross and of course the colours used.

bracelet-kumihimo This is the disk with the wires mounted, which are placed in crossed two-by-two.
The easiest way to trenzarlos is to exchange the position of the laces: the laces that are down are placed above and those at the top are placed below. Here it is explained in detail.
Only by changing the color and the placement of the threads, you can get different designs.

With the KumiPlanner of Lytha Studios you can try with different colors and placements of the threads and know which one is going to be the end result.


And this is only the beginning! This album has many more possibilities of use, with more threads and other ways of trenzarlo. But that already we will continue talking about…

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