Necklace crochet with beads

Yes, you read that right, for the amateur, because I have to confess that this is the first time that I use a crochet hook.

To make this necklace I’ve only needed to make a chain interspersed with beads and I assure you that it is very easy, even for those who, like me, face to the crochet for the first time.

Then you explain how it is done:


These are the materials I used: a crochet hook of the no. 6, a ball of yarn from the no. 8, a sewing needle thin (to be able to thread the beads) and a lot of beads in various shades of blue.


To be able to mount the collar I also used: six rings-metallic, a-type locking carabiner, a piece of string and two terminals.

necklace-of-beadsWe started by mixing all the beads in tones of blue and ensartándolas in the thread of the ball.

necklace-of-beadsThen I’ve been knitting the stitch. Every five points of stitch-up the thread a mostacilla and left hooked at the point.

To learn how to do chain stitch, I leave you with this video, which is something that I’ve learned.

To view the article click here.

necklace-of-beadsBy placing two pins on a cushion, and by passing the chain about them, I have been giving way to the collar with different heights at every turn.

necklace-of-beadsWith care I removed the chain and I’ve secured with a few turns of thread so that it does not move. With this same thread binds the top and the ring that will serve to engage the chain metal.

necklace-of-beadsand this is the end result: a gorgeous necklace!!!

I’m looking forward to the good time to premiere…

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