How to make bracelets with a disc Kumihimo

Good morning, here I am back from a merecidísimas holiday (which I enjoyed a lot and that I have been disconnected from the blog) willing to continue with the tutorials of crafts.

Today I tell you how to make bracelets with a disc Kumihimo. I had not never used it and after trying it out I’ve been fascinated; in the first place because it is very easy to use and above all, because there is a lot.

bracelets-cord-kumihimo-1The disc can be found at craft stores and bazaars chinese, or do it in house with cardboard, rubber, eva or cardboard pen. Here’s a video where they explain how to do it.
This is the disk with the cord mounted. I have used cords of different types and thicknesses, and the most I liked is the “mouse tail” about 1 mm thick.

Working with four laces which may be the same or different color, depending on the result you want to obtain.

The length of the laces depends on the final size you want for the bracelet and can range between 80 cm and one meter.

It begins by placing the laces crossed, as you see in the photo. It is important that they be properly centered, that is to say, that the two sides of the disc we are left with the same amount of cord.

Bracelet-cord-kumihimoThe first movement consists of climbing the lace from the bottom left to the top.

bracelet-cord-kimihimoThen we went down the cord located at the top right to the bottom of the disk.

bracelet-cord-kumihimoTurn the dial to the left (the opposite of clockwise)

bracelet-cord-kumihimoand you repeat the same movements:
The cord located at the bottom left it hitched at the top of the disk.

bracelet-cord-kumihimoAnd the cord of the upper right hitched in the bottom. In this step, it seems that the laces are a little twisted, but not to worry, it is normal.
It only remains to repeat these movements until you are finished with the lace.

bracelet-cord-kumihimoAnd that is all. There are No more secrets. Turning the dial to the left and repeating the same movements. Move up a string and down another.
In five minutes you will have the braid done.

bracelet-cord-kumihimoTo finish off the bracelet I have tried several systems and this is the me I liked:
Hold by the bottom of disk for that not undo the braid and remove the threads.

bracelet-cord-kumihimoUsing one of the laces to give two or three times around the other cords and the finger with which you are holding the braid.

bracelet-cord-kumihimoPass the cord end through the turns that you have given

bracelet-cord-kumihimoand pull the end carefully until it fit, without breaking down the laps that you have given.

bracelet-cord-kumihimoNow you can cut the yarn leftovers without unraveling the work and place a terminal to finish off the bracelet.

bracelet-cord-kumihimoIf you do not want to use metal terminals, you can make a loop buttonhole with all the laces before mounting in the disk. Then assembled and you keep the instructions for trenzarlos. When you’re done you do another knot to hold all the laces

textand you would have the bracelet finished.
Be of good comfort, for I assure you that you have taken a lot longer to read these instructions than it will take you to make a bracelet.

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