How to make a necklace with a cord.

This spring will carry the candy colors and also gradientswhy , when I found a roll of cord “tail of mouse” that met with both conditions, I could not resist the temptation to do something with it.

The result is what you have in the photo: a necklace of the most original and with the colors of fashion. I shall explain to you how it is done:


The former has been weave to form a cord thicker. You can do it with crochet, with a tricotín, with a rack of kumihimo…

I’ve knitted with two knitting needles. If you don’t know how to do, here I leave you a tutorial.

necklace-of-cordWith a sewing needle. and a thread of the appropriate color I’ve begun to sew the cord.

necklace-of-cordEnsure that the sutures are hidden in the interior of the cord.

necklace-of-cordThe ends are finished off with two metal terminals. For that to be fixed I used liquid silicone.

necklace-of-cordAdd a piece of chain and a-type locking carabiner and you’re finished.

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