Pulseras kumihimo planas

I am still engaged with the disk kumihimo braiding bracelets, come on, what is said viciadita…. They are so easy and are made so fast that there is no way to stop. And that at the moment I’m only using eight ends, because this type of braid can be complicated enough, adding many more threads and more colors.

To me, for the moment, I worth with a couple of colors for braiding to be bracelets do you want to know how to do?

bracelet-kumihimoWe are going to use the disk, kumihimo, and four cords from the mouse tail of 2 mm wide in two contrasting colours.

We started riding two cords at an angle, as seen in the photo. The laces, which are 65 cm long, should be centered.

This color is the one that will be on the outside of the bracelet.

bracelet-kumihimoThen place another of the cords that pass through the above, to be subject at an angle.

bracelet-kumihimoThe third cord as we passed below the other

bracelet-kumihimoand engage in horizontal position.

bracelet-kumihimoFrom here we begin with the motions of braiding. To make this braid the disc is not turning, it is always in the same position and what are we moving are the threads.

Move the thread to top vertical this over to the right until the horizontal position below the other two threads, on the left side.

pulsera_kumihimoThen we went down the other thread vertical to the horizontal position right, and also under the other threads.

bracelet-kumihimoThe next move is to get the wire vertical left to horizontal right,

bracelet-kumihimoand the thread right vertical to the horizontal position left. And so we have the disc at this time, with the yarn forming a cross in horizontal position, at the top and pink below the brown color.

bracelet-kimihimoThe following movements are to retrieve the initial position of the laces. We went down to the vertical position the two cords pink of the inside of the blade.

bracelet-kumihimoand we climbed up to the vertical position of the two browns in the interior of the blade. This is the position that we are in this moment.

bracelet-kumihimoNow move the four-wire horizontal position towards the center and we repeat all the movements.

bracelet-kimihimoOnce you have reached the size that we need, we remove the cord from the disk and use one of the strands to make a knot holding them all.

We cut the laces to ras and rematamos the tips with a cigarette lighter, lest they fall apart.

bracelet-kumihimoAnd this is the result of the bracelets are finished. I hope you like them as much as me…

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