How to make a purse with fabric jeans old

Today I bring you a proposal to recycle jeans that you no longer use: make a bag what you think of the idea? so we can continue to capitalize on this fabric so durable. In addition, you can use pieces of different pants, different colors.

Below I leave you the tutorial so you can see how it’s done:

Need 17 pieces of denim fabric and for all of the pieces I stay the same, I have prepared a template out of cardboard. The pieces I have cut have 12 cm of side, but may be larger or smaller, according to want that is the size of the bag.

This is the way in which you have to sew the pieces of fabric.

I have placed on another fabric clamping them with pins and I cut the orange fabric leftover.

If you want the bag to go lined, you have to cut the fabric for the lining with this same way. I have stitched all of the pieces to each other on the orange fabric using the zigzag stitch of the sewing machine and a contrasting color to see, even though this is a matter of taste.

Once united all the pieces are folded in half. To give the shape to the bag, you must fold the peak of triangle is at the bottom of the bag up to sew it with the box above it.

One side of the square is sewn with the box that has on top of the front of the bag and the other side with the box that has on top of the back of the bag.

It also makes a seam joining the front part with the rear part of the bag on both sides.

These seams that shape to the bag are more difficult to sew than the other, so first I have passed the zig-zag for the side with a cloth over the other to secure them

and after I have opened and I have returned to spend the zig-zag above

it is as well as remains the corner once stitched.

This is the aspect of the bag once attached by the side.

On the lining fabric I sewed some pockets to put your mobile and wallet, and then I passed a stitch to sew it, giving it the same shape as the bag.

I have placed the lining inside the bag and I trimmed the excess fabric to finish off with a zig-zag all the way around.

The strips for the handles have the fabric double and measure four inches wide by 62 long. They are finished off with the point of a zig-zag all the way around.

Once that is sewn to the bag we have the task finished.

You can use this same system to take advantage of any type of fabric joining fabrics of different prints to make a bag of the most colorful.

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See you next time!

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